October 10 All Events

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October 10th, 2019 (October 10 2019)DeathGermanicus, Roman general (born in 15 BC)
October 10th, 2007 (October 10 2007)DeathMehmed Uzun, Contemporary Kurdish writer and novelist. (born in 1953)
October 10th, 2006 (October 10 2006)DeathMichael John Rogers, English ornithologist (born in 1932)
October 10th, 2006 (October 10 2006)DeathIan Scott, Canadian politician (born in 1934)
October 10th, 2005 (October 10 2005)EventNegotiations between the CDU/CSU and SPD in Germany had concluded that both parties would form a grand coaltion with Angela Merkel of the CDU as chancellor after both parties lost seats in the 2005 German federal election. She was subsequently elected in the Bundestag as chancellor on November 22 of the same year.
October 10th, 2005 (October 10 2005)DeathWayne Booth, American literary critic (born in 1921)
October 10th, 2005 (October 10 2005)DeathMilton Obote, President of Uganda (born in 1925)
October 10th, 2004 (October 10 2004)DeathKen Caminiti, American baseball player (born in 1963)
October 10th, 2004 (October 10 2004)DeathChristopher Reeve, American actor (born in 1952)Christopher Reeve Quotes
October 10th, 2004 (October 10 2004)DeathArthur H. Robinson, American cartographer (born in 1915)
October 10th, 2004 (October 10 2004)DeathMaurice Shadbolt, New Zealand writer (born in 1932)
October 10th, 2003 (October 10 2003)DeathEugene Istomin, American pianist (born in 1925)
October 10th, 2002 (October 10 2002)DeathTeresa Graves, American actress and singer (born in 1948)
October 10th, 2001 (October 10 2001)DeathEddie Futch, American boxing trainer (born in 1911)
October 10th, 2001 (October 10 2001)DeathVasily Mishin, Soviet rocket designer (born in 1917)
October 10th, 2000 (October 10 2000)DeathSirimavo Bandaranaike, Prime Minister of Sri Lanka (born in 1916)
October 10th, 1998 (October 10 1998)DeathClark Clifford, United States Secretary of Defense (born in 1906)
October 10th, 1998 (October 10 1998)DeathTommy Quaid, Irish hurler (born in 1957)
October 10th, 1997 (October 10 1997)EventAn Austral Airlines DC-9-32 crashes and explodes near Nuevo Berlin, Uruguay, killing 74.
October 10th, 1995 (October 10 1995)EventSouth African President Nelson Mandela attends Genadendal.Nelson Mandela Quotes
October 10th, 1991 (October 10 1991)BirthGabriella Cilmi, Australian singer
October 10th, 1990 (October 10 1990)DeathTom Murton, American penologist (born in 1928)
October 10th, 1986 (October 10 1986)EventAn earthquake measuring 7.5 on the Richter Scale strikes San Salvador, El Salvador, killing an estimated 1,500 people.
October 10th, 1986 (October 10 1986)DeathGleb Wataghin, Ukrainian-Italian physicist (born in 1899)
October 10th, 1985 (October 10 1985)EventUnited States Navy F-14 fighter jets intercept an Egyptian plane carrying the Achille Lauro cruise ship hijackers and force it to land at a NATO base in Sigonella, Sicily where they are arrested.
October 10th, 1985 (October 10 1985)BirthDominique Cornu, Belgian professional cyclist
October 10th, 1985 (October 10 1985)BirthAaron Himelstein, American actor
October 10th, 1985 (October 10 1985)DeathYul Brynner, Russian-born actor (born in 1920)
October 10th, 1985 (October 10 1985)DeathOrson Welles, American director and actor (born in 1915)Orson Welles Quotes
October 10th, 1984 (October 10 1984)BirthRod Benson, American basketball player
October 10th, 1984 (October 10 1984)BirthStephanie Cheng, Hong Kong singer
October 10th, 1984 (October 10 1984)BirthChiaki Kuriyama, Japanese actressChiaki Kuriyama Quotes
October 10th, 1984 (October 10 1984)BirthPaul Posluszny, American football player
October 10th, 1984 (October 10 1984)BirthTroy Tulowitzki, American baseball player
October 10th, 1983 (October 10 1983)BirthVusimuzi Sibanda, Zimbabwean cricketer
October 10th, 1983 (October 10 1983)DeathRalph Richardson, English actor (born in 1902)
October 10th, 1982 (October 10 1982)BirthAmon Buchanan, Australian rules footballer
October 10th, 1982 (October 10 1982)BirthHideki Mutoh, Japanese racing driver
October 10th, 1982 (October 10 1982)DeathJean Effel, French painter and journalist (born in 1908)
October 10th, 1981 (October 10 1981)BirthMichael Oliver, American actor
October 10th, 1980 (October 10 1980)BirthElvis Hammond, Ghanaian footballer
October 10th, 1980 (October 10 1980)BirthTim Maurer, American singer (Suburban Legends)
October 10th, 1980 (October 10 1980)BirthSherine, Egyptian singer
October 10th, 1979 (October 10 1979)BirthMya Harrison, American singer
October 10th, 1979 (October 10 1979)BirthNicolas Massu, Chilean tennis player
October 10th, 1979 (October 10 1979)BirthWu Chun, Brunei Born Taiwanese Actor
October 10th, 1979 (October 10 1979)BirthAhn Chil Hyun (Kangta), lead singer of the former South Korean group H.O.T.
October 10th, 1979 (October 10 1979)DeathChristopher Evans, British psychologist and computer scientist (born in 1931) Evans Quotes
October 10th, 1979 (October 10 1979)DeathPaul Paray, French conductor (born in 1886)
October 10th, 1978 (October 10 1978)BirthJodi Lyn O Keefe, American actress
October 10th, 1978 (October 10 1978)DeathRalph Metcalfe, American athlete (born in 1910)
October 10th, 1978 (October 10 1978)DeathRalph Marterie, American big band leader (born in 1914)
October 10th, 1977 (October 10 1977)DeathAngelo Muscat, Maltese actor (born in 1930)
October 10th, 1976 (October 10 1976)BirthBob Burnquist, Brazilian-born skateboarder
October 10th, 1976 (October 10 1976)BirthPat Burrell, American baseball player
October 10th, 1976 (October 10 1976)DeathSilvana Armenulic, Yugoslavian folk singer (born in 1939)
October 10th, 1975 (October 10 1975)BirthRamon Morales, Mexican footballer
October 10th, 1975 (October 10 1975)BirthPlacido Polanco, Dominican baseball player
October 10th, 1974 (October 10 1974)BirthDale Earnhardt Jr, American NASCAR Sprint Cup series driver
October 10th, 1974 (October 10 1974)BirthAssi Cohen, Israeli comedian and actor
October 10th, 1974 (October 10 1974)BirthJulio Ricardo Cruz, Argentinian footballer
October 10th, 1974 (October 10 1974)BirthChris Pronger, Canadian ice hockey player
October 10th, 1973 (October 10 1973)EventVice President of the United States Spiro Agnew resigns after being charged with federal income tax evasion.Spiro Agnew Quotes
October 10th, 1973 (October 10 1973)BirthMario Lopez, American actor
October 10th, 1973 (October 10 1973)BirthSemmy Schilt, Dutch kickboxer
October 10th, 1972 (October 10 1972)BirthAlexei Zhitnik, Russian ice hockey player
October 10th, 1972 (October 10 1972)BirthJun Lana, Filipino playwright and screenwriter
October 10th, 1971 (October 10 1971)EventSold, dismantled and moved to the United States, the London Bridge reopens in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.
October 10th, 1971 (October 10 1971)BirthIan Bennett, English footballer
October 10th, 1971 (October 10 1971)BirthEvgeny Kissin, Russian pianist
October 10th, 1971 (October 10 1971)DeathJohn Cawte Beaglehole, New Zealand historian (born in 1901)
October 10th, 1970 (October 10 1970)EventFiji becomes independent.
October 10th, 1970 (October 10 1970)EventIn Montreal, Quebec, a national crisis hits Canada when Quebec Vice-Premier and Minister of Labour Pierre Laporte becomes the second statesman kidnapped by members of the FLQ terrorist group.
October 10th, 1970 (October 10 1970)BirthDean Kiely, Irish footballer
October 10th, 1970 (October 10 1970)BirthSilke Kraushaar-Pielach, German luger
October 10th, 1970 (October 10 1970)BirthBai Ling, Chinese American actress
October 10th, 1970 (October 10 1970)BirthCorinna May, German singer
October 10th, 1970 (October 10 1970)BirthMohammed Mourhit, Belgian athlete
October 10th, 1970 (October 10 1970)BirthSir Matthew Pinsent, English rower
October 10th, 1970 (October 10 1970)DeathEdouard Daladier, French politician (born in 1884)
October 10th, 1969 (October 10 1969)EventKing Crimson releases their debut album, In the Court of the Crimson King, considered by many to be the first progressive rock album.
October 10th, 1969 (October 10 1969)BirthBrett Favre, American football playerBrett Favre Quotes
October 10th, 1969 (October 10 1969)BirthWendi McLendon-Covey, American actress
October 10th, 1968 (October 10 1968)BirthBart Brentjens, Dutch mountain biker
October 10th, 1967 (October 10 1967)EventThe Outer Space Treaty, signed on January 27 by more than sixty nations, enters into force.
October 10th, 1967 (October 10 1967)BirthJonathan Littell, French-American writer
October 10th, 1966 (October 10 1966)BirthTony Adams, English footballer
October 10th, 1965 (October 10 1965)BirthChris Penn, American actor (died in 2006)
October 10th, 1965 (October 10 1965)BirthClive Jones, British engineer
October 10th, 1965 (October 10 1965)BirthRebecca Pidgeon, American actress
October 10th, 1965 (October 10 1965)BirthToshi, Japanese singer (X Japan)
October 10th, 1965 (October 10 1965)BirthSteve Scalise, American Politician
October 10th, 1964 (October 10 1964)EventThe 1964 Summer Olympics opening ceremony at Tokyo, Japan, with first time of live Olympic telecast program by geostationary communication satellite.
October 10th, 1964 (October 10 1964)BirthSarah Lancashire, English actress
October 10th, 1964 (October 10 1964)BirthQuinton Flynn, American voice actor
October 10th, 1964 (October 10 1964)DeathEddie Cantor, American singer and vaudeville performer (born in 1892)
October 10th, 1964 (October 10 1964)DeathHeinrich Neuhaus, Soviet pianist (born in 1888)
October 10th, 1963 (October 10 1963)EventFrance cedes control of the Bizerte naval base to Tunisia.
October 10th, 1963 (October 10 1963)BirthAnita Mui, Hong Kong singer (died in 2003)
October 10th, 1963 (October 10 1963)BirthDaniel Pearl, American journalist (died in 2002)
October 10th, 1963 (October 10 1963)BirthJolanda de Rover, Dutch swimmer
October 10th, 1963 (October 10 1963)BirthVegard Ulvang, Norwegian cross-country skier.
October 10th, 1963 (October 10 1963)DeathEdith Piaf, French singer (born in 1915)
October 10th, 1963 (October 10 1963)DeathRoy Cazaly, Australian rules footballer (born in 1893)
October 10th, 1961 (October 10 1961)BirthJodi Benson, American voice actress
October 10th, 1961 (October 10 1961)BirthHenrik Jorgensen, Danish marathon runner
October 10th, 1961 (October 10 1961)BirthJulia Sweeney, American actress and comedian
October 10th, 1961 (October 10 1961)BirthMartin Kemp (actor), British musician (Spandau Ballet) and actor
October 10th, 1960 (October 10 1960)BirthEric Martin, American singer (Mr. Big)
October 10th, 1960 (October 10 1960)BirthRon Flockhart, Canadian ice hockey player
October 10th, 1959 (October 10 1959)BirthKirsty MacColl, English singer (died in 2000)
October 10th, 1959 (October 10 1959)BirthBradley Whitford, American actor
October 10th, 1958 (October 10 1958)BirthTanya Tucker, American singer
October 10th, 1957 (October 10 1957)EventU.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower apologizes to the finance minister of Ghana, Komla Agbeli Gbdemah, after he was refused service in a Dover, Delaware restaurant.Dwight D. Eisenhower Quotes
October 10th, 1957 (October 10 1957)EventThe Windscale fire in Cumbria, UK becomes the world s first major nuclear accident.
October 10th, 1957 (October 10 1957)BirthRumiko Takahashi, Japanese artist
October 10th, 1957 (October 10 1957)DeathKarl Genzken, Nazi physician (born in 1885)
October 10th, 1956 (October 10 1956)BirthAmanda Burton, Northern Irish actress
October 10th, 1956 (October 10 1956)BirthMark Gordon, American film producer
October 10th, 1954 (October 10 1954)EventThe Communist Party of Honduras is founded.
October 10th, 1954 (October 10 1954)BirthRekha, Bollywood actress
October 10th, 1954 (October 10 1954)BirthDavid Lee Roth, American singer (Van Halen)
October 10th, 1953 (October 10 1953)BirthMidge Ure, Scottish musician
October 10th, 1953 (October 10 1953)BirthGus Williams, American basketball player
October 10th, 1951 (October 10 1951)BirthEpeli Ganilau, Fijian statesman
October 10th, 1948 (October 10 1948)BirthSeverine, French singer
October 10th, 1948 (October 10 1948)BirthEd Volker, American musician
October 10th, 1948 (October 10 1948)DeathTed Horn, American race car driver (b.1910)
October 10th, 1947 (October 10 1947)BirthMartin Ruane, English professional wrestler (died in 1998)
October 10th, 1946 (October 10 1946)BirthCharles Dance, English actor
October 10th, 1946 (October 10 1946)BirthNaoto Kan, Japanese politician
October 10th, 1946 (October 10 1946)BirthJohn Prine, American singer
October 10th, 1946 (October 10 1946)BirthChris Tarrant, English TV presenter
October 10th, 1946 (October 10 1946)BirthBen Vereen, American actor
October 10th, 1946 (October 10 1946)BirthPeter Mahovlich, Canadian ice hockey player
October 10th, 1946 (October 10 1946)BirthMildred Grieveson (aka: Anne Mather, Caroline Fleming, Cardine Fleming), English writer
October 10th, 1945 (October 10 1945)EventThe Chinese Communist Party and the Kuomintang signed a principle agreement in Chongqing about the future of post-war China. Later, the pact is commonly referred to as the Double-Ten Agreement.
October 10th, 1944 (October 10 1944)EventHolocaust: 800 Gypsy children are systematically murdered at Auschwitz death camp.
October 10th, 1943 (October 10 1943)EventDouble Tenth Incident in Japanese controlled Singapore
October 10th, 1943 (October 10 1943)BirthFrederick Barthelme, American author
October 10th, 1942 (October 10 1942)EventSoviet Union establishes diplomatic relations with Australia.
October 10th, 1942 (October 10 1942)BirthRadu Vasile, Romanian Prime Minister
October 10th, 1941 (October 10 1941)BirthPeter Coyote, American actor
October 10th, 1940 (October 10 1940)DeathBerton Churchill, Canadian actor (born in 1876)
October 10th, 1939 (October 10 1939)BirthJoseph Pitts, American politician
October 10th, 1939 (October 10 1939)DeathEleanor Rigby, a real person whose name may have suggested the title to The Beatles song (born in 1895)
October 10th, 1938 (October 10 1938)EventThe Munich Agreement cedes the Sudetenland to Nazi Germany.
October 10th, 1938 (October 10 1938)BirthMoriyama Daido, Japanese photographer
October 10th, 1938 (October 10 1938)DeathAtaturk died-The Founder of The Republic of Turkey
October 10th, 1936 (October 10 1936)BirthGerhard Ertl, German surface chemist, Nobel laureate, 2007.
October 10th, 1935 (October 10 1935)EventA tornado destroys the 160 metre tall wooden radio tower in Langenberg. As a result of this catastrophe, few wooden towers are constructed after this date.
October 10th, 1935 (October 10 1935)BirthAbu Jihad, Founder of the Palestinian group Fatah (died in 1988)
October 10th, 1935 (October 10 1935)BirthAndre Bureau, French Canadian communications executive
October 10th, 1933 (October 10 1933)EventUnited Airlines Chesterton Crash: A United Airlines Boeing 247 is destroyed by sabotage, the first such proven case in the history of commercial aviation.
October 10th, 1933 (October 10 1933)BirthJay Sebring, American hair stylist and Manson murder victim (died in 1969)
October 10th, 1932 (October 10 1932)BirthHarry Smith, English footballer
October 10th, 1930 (October 10 1930)BirthEugenio Castellotti, Italian race car driver (died in 1957)
October 10th, 1930 (October 10 1930)BirthYves Chauvin, French chemist, Nobel laureate
October 10th, 1930 (October 10 1930)BirthHarold Pinter, English playwright, Nobel laureate
October 10th, 1930 (October 10 1930)BirthMustafa Zaidi, Pakistani poet (died in 1970)
October 10th, 1930 (October 10 1930)DeathAdolf Engler, German botanist (born in 1844)
October 10th, 1927 (October 10 1927)BirthDana Elcar, American actor (died in 2005)
October 10th, 1927 (October 10 1927)DeathGustave Whitehead, German-born inventor (born in 1874)
October 10th, 1926 (October 10 1926)BirthRichard Jaeckel, American actor (died in 1997)
October 10th, 1925 (October 10 1925)BirthGreat Antonio, Croatian-Canadian strongman (died in 2001)
October 10th, 1924 (October 10 1924)BirthJames Clavell, Australian author (died in 1994)
October 10th, 1924 (October 10 1924)BirthEd Wood, American filmmaker (died in 1978)
October 10th, 1924 (October 10 1924)BirthLudmilla Tcherina, French ballet dancer and actress (died in 2004)
October 10th, 1923 (October 10 1923)BirthNicholas Parsons, English actor
October 10th, 1920 (October 10 1920)EventThe Carinthian Plebiscite determines that the larger part of Carinthia became part of Austria.
October 10th, 1919 (October 10 1919)EventRichard Strauss opera Die Frau ohne Schatten receives its debut performance in Vienna.Richard Strauss Quotes
October 10th, 1917 (October 10 1917)BirthThelonious Monk, American jazz pianist (died in 1982)
October 10th, 1914 (October 10 1914)BirthTommy Fine, American baseball player (died in 2005)
October 10th, 1914 (October 10 1914)BirthIvory Joe Hunter, American R&B singer (died in 1974)
October 10th, 1914 (October 10 1914)DeathKing Carol I of Romania (born in 1839)
October 10th, 1913 (October 10 1913)EventU.S. President Woodrow Wilson triggers the explosion of the Gamboa Dike thus ending construction on the Panama Canal.
October 10th, 1913 (October 10 1913)BirthClaude Simon, French writer, Nobel laureate (died in 2005)
October 10th, 1913 (October 10 1913)DeathKatsura Taro, Prime Minister of Japan (born in 1848)
October 10th, 1913 (October 10 1913)DeathAdolphus Busch, American brewer (Anheuser-Busch) (born in 1839)
October 10th, 1911 (October 10 1911)EventWuchang Uprising leads to the demise of Qing Dynasty, the last Imperial court in China, and the founding of the Republic of China.
October 10th, 1911 (October 10 1911)EventThe KCR East Rail commences service between Kowloon and Canton.
October 10th, 1910 (October 10 1910)EventTau Epsilon Phi Fraternity is established at Columbia University.
October 10th, 1909 (October 10 1909)BirthRobert F. Boyle, American production designer and art director
October 10th, 1908 (October 10 1908)BirthJohnny Green, American songwriter, arranger and conductor (died in 1989)
October 10th, 1908 (October 10 1908)BirthMerce Rodoreda, Catalan novelist (died in 1983)
October 10th, 1906 (October 10 1906)BirthPaul Creston, American composer (died in 1985)
October 10th, 1906 (October 10 1906)BirthR.K. Narayan, Indian novelist (died in 2001)
October 10th, 1903 (October 10 1903)BirthVernon Duke, American composer and songwriter (died in 1969)
October 10th, 1903 (October 10 1903)BirthPrince Charles of Belgium, Prince Regent of Belgium (died in 1983)
October 10th, 1901 (October 10 1901)BirthAlberto Giacometti, Swiss sculptor (died in 1966)Alberto Giacometti Quotes
October 10th, 1901 (October 10 1901)DeathLorenzo Snow, fifth president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (born in 1814) Jesus Christ Quotes
October 10th, 1900 (October 10 1900)BirthHelen Hayes, American actress (died in 1993)Helen Hayes Quotes
October 10th, 1898 (October 10 1898)BirthLilly Dache, French-born milliner (died in 1989)
October 10th, 1895 (October 10 1895)BirthFridolf Rhudin Swedish actor and comedian (died in 1935)
October 10th, 1895 (October 10 1895)BirthWolfram von Richthofen, German field marshal (died in 1945)
October 10th, 1893 (October 10 1893)DeathLip Pike, American baseball player (born in 1845)
October 10th, 1889 (October 10 1889)EventBarnard College is founded.
October 10th, 1889 (October 10 1889)BirthHan van Meegeren, Dutch painter, portraitist and art forgers (died in 1947)
October 10th, 1885 (October 10 1885)BirthWalter Anderson, German folklorist (died in 1962)
October 10th, 1876 (October 10 1876)DeathCharles Joseph Sainte-Claire Deville, French geologist (born in 1814)
October 10th, 1875 (October 10 1875)DeathAleksey Konstantinovich Tolstoy, Russian novelist, poet and dramatist (born in 1817)
October 10th, 1872 (October 10 1872)DeathWilliam H. Seward, United States Secretary of State (born in 1801)
October 10th, 1870 (October 10 1870)BirthIvan Alekseyevich Bunin, Russian writer, Nobel laureate (died in 1953)
October 10th, 1868 (October 10 1868)EventCarlos Cespedes issues the Grito de Yara from his plantation, La Demajagua, proclaiming Cuba s independence.
October 10th, 1864 (October 10 1864)BirthT. Frank Appleby, United States Congressman from New Jersey (died in 1924)
October 10th, 1863 (October 10 1863)BirthLouis Cyr, French Canadian strongman (died in 1912)
October 10th, 1863 (October 10 1863)BirthHelen Dunbar, American actress (died in 1933)
October 10th, 1861 (October 10 1861)BirthFridtjof Nansen, Norwegian explorer, Nobel laureate (died in 1930)
October 10th, 1860 (October 10 1860)EventThe original cornerstone of the University of the South is laid in Sewanee, Tennessee.
October 10th, 1845 (October 10 1845)EventIn Annapolis, Maryland, the Naval School (later renamed the United States Naval Academy) opens with 50 midshipmen students and seven professors.
October 10th, 1837 (October 10 1837)BirthRobert Gould Shaw, American Army officer (died in 1863)
October 10th, 1837 (October 10 1837)DeathCharles Fourier, French philosopher (born in 1772) Philo Quotes
October 10th, 1834 (October 10 1834)BirthAleksis Kivi, Finnish author (died in 1872)
October 10th, 1830 (October 10 1830)BirthQueen Isabella II of Spain (died in 1904)
October 10th, 1828 (October 10 1828)BirthSamuel J. Randall, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives (died in 1890)
October 10th, 1827 (October 10 1827)DeathUgo Foscolo, Italian writer (born in 1778)
October 10th, 1825 (October 10 1825)BirthPaul Kruger, President of the Transvaal Republic (died in 1904)
October 10th, 1819 (October 10 1819)BirthHeinrich Joseph Dominicus Denzinger, German theologian (died in 1883)
October 10th, 1813 (October 10 1813)BirthGiuseppe Verdi, Italian composer (died in 1901)
October 10th, 1806 (October 10 1806)DeathLouis Ferdinand of Prussia, German prince (born in 1772)
October 10th, 1795 (October 10 1795)DeathFrancesco Antonio Zaccaria, Italian theologian and historian (born in 1714)
October 10th, 1794 (October 10 1794)BirthWilliam Whiting Boardman, American politician (died in 1871)
October 10th, 1780 (October 10 1780)EventThe Great Hurricane of 1780 kills 20,000-30,000 in the Caribbean.
October 10th, 1780 (October 10 1780)BirthJohn Abercrombie, Scottish physician (died in 1844)John Scott Quotes
October 10th, 1765 (October 10 1765)DeathLionel Sackville, 1st Duke of Dorset, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland (born in 1688)
October 10th, 1759 (October 10 1759)DeathGranville Elliott, British military officer (born in 1713)
October 10th, 1747 (October 10 1747)DeathJohn Potter, Archbishop of Canterbury (born in 1674)
October 10th, 1731 (October 10 1731)BirthHenry Cavendish, British scientist (died in 1810)
October 10th, 1725 (October 10 1725)DeathPhilippe de Rigaud Vaudreuil, Governor-General of New France (born in 1643)
October 10th, 1723 (October 10 1723)DeathWilliam Cowper, 1st Earl Cowper, Lord Chancellor of England (born in 1665)William Cowper Quotes
October 10th, 1720 (October 10 1720)DeathAntoine Coysevox, French sculptor (born in 1640)
October 10th, 1714 (October 10 1714)DeathPierre Le Pesant, sieur de Boisguilbert, French economist (born in 1646)
October 10th, 1708 (October 10 1708)DeathDavid Gregory, Scottish astronomer (born in 1659)
October 10th, 1700 (October 10 1700)BirthLambert-Sigisbert Adam, French sculptor (died in 1759)
October 10th, 1691 (October 10 1691)DeathIsaac de Benserade, French poet (born in 1613)Isaac de Benserade Quotes
October 10th, 1684 (October 10 1684)BirthAntoine Watteau, French painter (died in 1721)
October 10th, 1678 (October 10 1678)BirthJohn Campbell, 2nd Duke of Argyll, Scottish soldier (died in 1743)John Scott Quotes
October 10th, 1674 (October 10 1674)DeathThomas Traherne, English poet
October 10th, 1659 (October 10 1659)DeathAbel Tasman, Dutch explorer (born in 1603)
October 10th, 1631 (October 10 1631)EventA Saxon army takes over Prague.
October 10th, 1582 (October 10 1582)EventBecause of the implementation of the Gregorian calendar this day does not exist in this year in Italy, Poland, Portugal and Spain.
October 10th, 1575 (October 10 1575)EventBattle of Dormans: Roman Catholic forces under Duke Henry of Guise defeated the Protestants, capturing Philippe de Mornay among others.
October 10th, 1567 (October 10 1567)BirthInfanta Caterina Micaela of Spain (died in 1597)
October 10th, 1531 (October 10 1531)DeathHuldrych Zwingli, Swiss reformer (killed in battle) (born in 1484)
October 10th, 1471 (October 10 1471)EventBattle of Brunkeberg in Stockholm: Sten Sture the Elder, the Regent of Sweden, with help of farmers and miners, repels an attack by Christian I, King of Denmark.
October 10th, 1459 (October 10 1459)DeathGianfrancesco Poggio Bracciolini, Italian humanist and classicist (born in 1380)
October 10th, 1359 (October 10 1359)DeathKing Hugh IV of Cyprus (born in 1295)
October 10th, 1344 (October 10 1344)BirthMary Plantagenet,English princess (died in 1362)
October 10th, 0833 (October 10 0833)Deathal-Ma mun, Abbasid caliph of Baghdad (born in 786)
October 10th, 0732 (October 10 0732)EventBattle of Tours: Near Poitiers, France, leader of the Franks, Charles Martel and his men, defeat a large army of Moors, stopping the Muslims from spreading into Western Europe. The governor of Cordoba, Abdul Rahman Al Ghafiqi, is killed during the battle.
October 10th, 0732 (October 10 0732)DeathAbdul Rahman Al Ghafiqi, Moorish Governor of Andalusia
October 10th, 0680 (October 10 0680)EventBattle of Karbala: Shia Imam Husayn bin Ali, the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad, was decapitated by forces under Caliph Yazid I. This is commemorated by Shi a Muslims as Aashurah.Muhammad Ali Quotes
October 10th, 0680 (October 10 0680)Death10 Muharram Husayn ibn Ali (AS) , Shi a Imam, Muhammad s grandson (born in 626)Muhammad Ali Quotes

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